The place where you learn to evolve through chapters in life.
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The Future Farm

The Future Farm is a unique place that enables individuals, teams and organisations around the world to reflect on a period of transition and helps them to navigate those phases in a meaningful and healthy way. We believe in continuous evolution from one chapter in life to another and know that we need to redefine how we think, talk and design our lives and work in today’s fast-paced era.

Our mission is to challenge the stereotypes around how we should live and what box we are meant to fit in, as well as enable everyone to take the design of life and work into their own hands in order to contribute to the wider collective wellbeing.

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A place to learn from your stories, fresh thinking about work and life design and practical tools for everyday life.

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The Future Farm Experiences

How you design your life matters. Our immersive learning experience lets you discover new ways of navigating major life transitions, design both your life and work more consciously, challenge stereotypes and expectations, explore deeper parts of yourself, learn from the stories of others, and connect with people who are going through similar transitions. We are not a traditional retreat or yoga and meditation offsite experience. 

Join The Future Farm Experience to learn new, practical tools, approaches and ways to paint your own canvas. We provide the opportunity to define your next step and renegotiate a new agreement with yourself. You will be able to take yourself and your worldview from limited to discoverable – from secure to insecure – from expected to authentic.

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Your Stories

“Over the last 20 years, my main career drivers have been fulfilling wishes of my parents, society and employers to create wealth and status – at the cost of my health, friendships and probably overall happiness. I struggled to let go of the belief that an external validation is required to obtain the feeling of success. Transitioning from that, I realized my need to take care of my role as man, son and father. I have big plans to give my girls an amazing childhood experience, help my wife by taking ownership of the household, give comfort to the elderly in the family, start a few companies (some charity, some for profit), write a book and possibly become a researcher. I want to be successful in my second career, which will no longer be measured by money or status, but by how many men I can help in their search of freedom. Some say I have lost it, I instead believe I have just found it.”

Gido van de Geest, London
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“Co-founding and selling music startup Buddybounce has taught me so much about myself. As an entrepreneur starting out, everything your business goes through, you take personally. It's all part of you – how can it not be? There were times I felt I had to put on a 24-hour happy persona. That's what you think investors want to see: that you are capable, able to withstand pressure, successful. It came with highs and lows, and not just business lows. Hobbies, friends, family, everything went out of the window. I started questioning whether this was the only way. Most of us in the modern world haven't tested and explored deeper parts of ourselves the way that our ancestors did. Exploring beyond what I knew, I travelled with digital nomads and moved from London to Barcelona. And that is the journey of a startup, it's an exploration of self, of spirit, of you. Creating my new venture Mindful Team, I want to make sure I am building a sustainable, lifestyle-friendly business.”

Emma Joy Obanye, Barcelona
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“My last transition is still ongoing. From leaving a consulting job to go learn from hostel industry disruptors in Jerusalem to building myself up so I could run branding for Bohemian Hostels & Hotels in Europe and worldwide, I'd say I've always been conscious of what career steps I was taking. But after all the learning and enjoying, things started to get frustrating. I wanted a change, to reorganize things. After 10 years of professional career, I needed time for myself and it was challenging to allow myself to do nothing for a while. But I did: I reconstructed my apartment, hiked with my dad and travelled through Latin America. Let's see how it will be now when I'm getting to the stage of organizing practical side of going back to work.”

Ondra Janků, Prague
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“What have been the main drivers of my work/life transitions? I wanted to be able to create a company that I could impact people using everything that I loved. And I wanted more time to spend with my family. If I had to pinpoint what was the most challenging during the transition, it would be knowing how to get started and finding female mentors in my field.”

Jessie Shternshus, Florida
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“There have been many transitions throughout 20 years as a high level executive and as co-founder of my own company, but more recently, leaving behind the company I had helped build from scratch, was probably the hardest transition to navigate. Trying to reconcile an almost overwhelming sense of responsibility to my organization whilst increasingly being out of sync with my own motivators and values was to the detriment of my own wellbeing and not having a clear idea about what was next for me made it even harder to take the leap. That said, I learned a huge amount from it, including what I wish I had known at the time and this is what enables me to help others navigate their own transitions with more ease.”

Sarah Matthew, London
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“My main motivation to become a Pilates teacher, while transitioning from my role at the European institutions, was the feeling that while doing this job I am totally myself and I do something I love and I improve people's physical condition. My major challenge to become a full time Pilates teacher has been patience. I had to learn to be really patient and not rush.”

Tania Tsiora, Brussels
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“Like The Future Farm, I believe each individual may strive for a holistic well-being through their work/life design – without shame. After burning out (twice), I could not believe there is no other way. I felt I lost myself somewhere in the process, and needed to rediscover it. Instead of trying to fit a job, I focused on finding one that would fit me. It was not easy. Any transition is disruptive: it catches you on the move, ungrounded. Nothing is certain. And almost no one understands. Coming to a field where you are new, lack experience, as well as opportunities... it leaves too much room for doubt – of your decision, of your abilities, and ultimately, of yourself.”

Denisa Matsche, Prague
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“We are raised to think a career is something you have, but it’s not - it’s something you do. When I think of the word, ‘career’ I don’t think of the noun, I think of the verb. It means to race uncontrollably. And the real skill in the development of your career is to take this uncontrolled rush and give it your own pace and your own intentional and considered purpose. Over the last couple of months, I have immersed myself into a number of sabbatical activities. I have taken control of my sleep pattern, brought in the practise of mindfulness, worked through my own personally curated ‘MBA' reading list and made space to travel. As a leader – a person who makes decisions and is paid to do that well - I believe it’s important to create space for yourself, when you can switch from looking just at the road directly in front of you and take time to look at the horizon.”

Lexie Papaspyrou, London
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