The story of The Future Farm: Why we need to redefine how we go about work and life design

No time to rest. Burned out. Lost connection with myself. Parenthood. Social stigma and expectations. Loneliness. Lost identity. Too much ambiguity to face. Zero clarity on next steps. My career box is too rigid and narrow. My network is gone. I need new language in order to describe who I am. I need more oxygen for my everyday life. Is it just me or do other people feel the same way? How do I make sense of all of this? How do I navigate it? What words do I use? Where do I belong? I wish someone could understand. I wish there was another way to do this.

Do some of these statements or questions resonate with you? Because they do with us.

The seeds

Everything along the way, to and from, fascinated her: every pebble, ant, stick, leaf, blade of grass, and crack in the sidewalk was something to be picked up, looked at, tasted, smelled, and shaken. Everything was interesting to her. She knew nothing. I knew everything…been there, done that. She was in the moment, I was in the past. She was mindful. I was mindless.

– “I gave everything to a startup, and while the highs were great, the lows caught up with me. What started off as a dream job ended up leading me to burnout, debt and depression. At 31, I was done.”

– “I have been experimenting with different career models since I can remember, and the transition was never easy or straightforward. But the last unexpected turn resulted in a major shift in both my work and my life, and I knew that this time around I would need to discover a whole new way to build up again. To continue in my legacy.”

– “I was reaching for the stars and achieving so much in nearly every career I’ve had. But something had always been missing and I couldn’t ignore it anymore. So, I started exploring. From Stanford D.School to Burning Man, I talked to people and realized I was not the only one looking for a new way.”

Those are our stories. The seeds of the movement. They might be different from yours, but they are similar to those of thousands around you. Over the last few months, during the hours spent in conversations with people from around the globe, from top executives to founders and freelancers, we have confirmed one thing:

The questions we keep asking ourselves are of the same kind.

“In a world where one can do anything, how do I decide what to do?”

“Where do I start exploring and who can help me make sense of it?”

“What do I do when what seemed to be the right way didn’t quite work out?”

“Is there another way, a way that would be more suitable to me?”

“And is it ok to try?”

There’s gotta be another way.

Before becoming the founders of The Future Farm, we tried all kinds of different methodologies on how to navigate our lives and career shifts: both the newly emerged ideas, tailored for the hi-tech era we live in, as well as the ones that have stood the test of time. We’ve been there and tried so many things — from radical self-awareness, coaching, conferences, books, mind maps, podcasts, career road mappings to deep conversations with our trusted peers or new acquaintances, to new skills training programs.

The Future Farm founders (from the left): Nadeem Shaikh, Vladimira Mesko Briestenska, Pavla Lokajova.

But we all agreed that one thing was missing in that more mechanical and design-led transition: a moment to pause, to take a deep breath before taking the plunge. A slice of time to declutter our minds and lives, to get re-connected with our core. So we gave it a go and did everything from painting, boxing and dancing to journaling, gardening, sound healing (yes also! ☺), yoga, meditation or even doing nothing and letting things sit. And as we did so, a new way started to emerge.

The Future Farm

Who are we and why do we exist? Our mission is to provide people and organizations with a new way to design work and life in today’s fast-paced world.

We challenge the status quo and exist to enable anyone to take the design of life and work into their own hands.

Our way is a synthesis of cutting-edge methodologies, practical tools, fresh thinking and new language about work and life design and it helps restore holistic (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual) wellbeing.

Will you join us?

A new way of talking about career change without stigma and shame.

Our team has grown with Lorena Saez Bravo who is leading the development of The Future Farm programmes.

We are not alone on this journey anymore.

Lorena has trusted us and brought her passion, drive and experience to The Future Farm. She brought her story, as have other people who shared their experiences with us and whose stories we will share with you in the days to come. Among them are partners and organizations who are co-thinking with us on ways to test the new methodologies and to scale those to as many places as possible. But there is space for much more.

We have started building a movement, a safe space for all of us who are eager and in need of exploring this “new way.” And today, we want to invite you on this journey with us.

If you feel like it’s about time we upgrade how we think, talk and go about the design of our work and life, let us know, drop a line, or follow us and let’s talk.

We are ready to hear from you!

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