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The Future Farm got its start in 2018 on the back of its founders’ life experiences and a need to redefine how we evolve through various shifts in life. Ultimately, allowing ourselves to think, talk and design our life and work more authentically is where our inner and outer worlds become synced. We wanted to explore how we can evolve into the next chapter rather than climb up the ladder of predefined – and ultimately limiting – success. And since our inception, we believed that we were not alone in facing these questions.

Have you lost connection with yourself? Facing social stigma and impossible expectations? Missing clarity on your next steps? Are your inner and outer selves in misalignment? Do you need more oxygen in your life? Are you looking for another way?

“I was reaching for the stars in nearly every career I’ve had. But I was also on a run of high-achievers to prove inner and outer expectations. Go, go, go… till I couldn’t ignore it anymore. So, I paused and started exploring. From Stanford d.School to Burning Man and realized I was not the only one looking for a new way.” Vladi

“I have been experimenting with different career models since I can remember and the transition was never easy or straightforward. But the last unexpected turn resulted in a major shift in both my work and my life, and I knew that this time around I would need to discover a whole different path to build up again. To continue in my legacy.” Nadeem

“I gave everything to a startup, and while the highs were great, the lows caught up with me. What started off as a dream job ended up leading me to self-doubt, debt and depression. At 31, I was done.” Pavla

At The Future Farm, we see evolution as a state of being. The goal is not to be stuck in a transition, but to constantly keep reinventing ourselves throughout various chapters of our lives. From one chapter – a transition – to another. Consciously, healthily and with a sense of self-awareness.

Our mission is to challenge the stereotypes around how we should live and what box we should fit into. To enable everyone to take the design of life and work into their own hands and thus to contribute to the wider collective wellbeing.

Our Approach

The Future Farm combines a synthesis of cutting-edge methodologies, practical tools, and fresh thinking. We’ve drawn inspiration from the likes of Stanford d.school and The School of Life, to movements like The Artist’s Way and Burning Man. We also pull from scientific approaches like neuroscience and positive psychology to design thinking, including a focus on holistic – emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual – wellbeing. Our approach is centered around 6 primary pillars. 


Connect with your core system, your deeper self. Look inside to understand your values and what makes you tick.


Make sense of the seemingly endless options; paint your own canvas. Learn about design approaches to your roadmap and redefine new work/life patterns, style and cadences.


Demystify your biases and embedded models. Reframe social norms and expectations so that you can leave behind what is not serving you anymore.


Follow your aliveness and rediscover things that bring you joy and energy – things which drive your passions and bring balance into your life. Break the stigma around self-care being selfish.


Learn techniques to declutter your mental, physical, and emotional overload and create space for different perspectives, ideas and ways to emerge.


Explore how do you contribute and connect with the wider community. Where do you belong.

Our Team

Vladi Mesko Briestenska

CEO and Co-founder

I have co-built The Future Farm to help others redefine how they design their lives and work and break the bonds of expected models of success and wellbeing. In my life, I have navigated several career paths from global diplomacy and grassroots human rights campaigns, to start-ups and entrepreneurship. However, for most of my professional career, I have committed to hacking organisations through meaningful projects from London to Kenya, the United States, and Pakistan, with a strong focus on inclusive cultures and healthy operating systems. As an advisor, I’m committed to causes of diversity & inclusion, creative arts and conscious entrepreneurship through the support of global, impact-driven businesses including Prospero World, Colorintech, Perry Talents and Founders Blues, focused on the mental and emotional health of founders. Through the Stanford d.school I have trained the design thinking methodology applied to life. I am Slovak, living around the world, with a homebase in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Nadeem Shaikh

Chairman and Co-founder

I have co-built The Future Farm to open a window for fellow travelers to discover a different way to learn and unlearn, experiment, and take risks that enable them to grow and contribute to the collective well-being in their own unique way. I have lived and worked globally, and grown a range of businesses, which has given me a unique insight as a business leader, innovator, venture capitalist, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Today, my focus is to build businesses that provide financial wellness to millions of consumers and small businesses. I am also committed to giving my time to impact-driven businesses including Access Afya, which runs primary care clinics in Nairobi; Prospero World, a charity which aims to enrich society through the arts; and CARE Pakistan (UK), which provides free education to Pakistani children. I am a Pakistani at my core and live in London, England.

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Pavla Lokajova

Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder

After having told stories professionally for 12 years, I am co-building The Future Farm to change the narrative in the most exciting era of human history. Transition is ever-present, and the more we understand our own transformations – work, life, and career – the more we can help shape our collective tomorrow. I have always been drawn to better understanding changes and differences between individuals, nations or within one’s self, and bringing the world closer together through writing – my most visible talent. Instead of working for traditional newsrooms, I instead pioneered my way by building a couple of newspapers from scratch, filling the gap I sensed in the media. From student journalist to content creator to co-founder of an employer branding platform, I have learned tons by interviewing over 400 CEOs, covering company culture in 300+ companies, and mapping the innovative journalism landscape, which is my current business pursuit apart from The Future Farm. I live in Prague and I am Czech, born to a family with industrial roots that have always helped my dreamer side remain grounded and balanced.

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Lorena Saez Bravo

Chief Programme Officer

As a part of The Future Farm core team, I am committed to helping others embrace change and embark on a transformative journey after a major transition in their lives. I am a social innovator with extensive experience in multinational organisations across digital marketing and global corporate social responsibility, while fostering innovation in technology-driven global financial inclusion products and services with a social impact. I am also a wellness coach, committed to supporting parents by helping them maintain balance on their journey from parenthood to the workforce, while still remaining true to their values.  My biggest passion is empowering professionals to continue their personal and career growth with the use of wellness tools to overcome challenges in their lives and careers. Originally from Spain, I have lived, studied and worked in New York and London for the most part of my life, giving me the skills to effectively navigate and manage cross-cultural diversity.

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Alena Dziamidava

Marketing Manager

I have joined The Future Farm to help people in career transitions become aware of and engage with new tools to smooth out their journey. I am a marketing professional dedicated to unlocking the value of ideas and products by building a meaningful dialogue between businesses and their audiences. I like to explore how technology and data can facilitate this dialogue. Throughout my work at global creative agencies in Germany and the Czech Republic, I have gathered hands-on experience in planning and executing advertising campaigns for corporate clients as well as for NGO’s. In my life, I have taken a non-linear career path, starting off as a linguist and progressing into marketing. Before each transition, I felt like I was starting at ground zero, but in fact it was not true. Later, I came to realise how many skills from the previous domains had helped me to grow in the new field. With my roots in Belarus, I am now based in Prague, Czech Republic.

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“After 20 years of corporate service, I now want to lead my own life”

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